Our Expertise


WE BELIEVE IN encouragement, understanding, and mentoring. Today's classroom environment rigorous and demanding. Students are tasked with Higher Learning standards and deeper content, which is reflected in the classroom stress felt daily by students and teachers. Therefore, students need more support to be academically successful.

At All Stars, we strongly believe that  students need to be motivated to learn.  Otherwise, they will not retain information, participate in class, or complete homework, and will eventually become disruptive.  

Students can feel unmotivated for a variety of reasons: 

  • lack of interest in the subject
  • find teacher’s methods unengaging 
  • become distracted by external forces
  • students who appeared unmotivated may actually have difficulty learning and need special accommodations

This is why our tutoring methods include motivation, self-esteem activities, and empowerment sessions, which ensure 

students are not just learning academics but also learning to believe in themselves and in the power of self-determination.

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